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As a business owner, you know how important it’s for people to talk about your business. The word of mouth drives sales and keeps you on the right path. So you have to push your name in every single way imaginable. A truly cost-effective means to make this happen is to transform your company vehicles into your mobile advertisements. Any time you enter traffic, you’ll be sure drivers around take notice.


Sign Center NYC offers several model that suit vehicles of all sizes – full vinyl car wrap, partial vinyl car wrap and custom vinyl lettering. These options bring a different level of intensity, but can all be designed in-house by our veteran designers who have refined their skills in the 22 years we’ve been in business. Send us a picture of your company vehicle and you’ll get a design that follows the line of vehicle be it a car, limousine, truck or mini-van and enhances the overall look while delivering your company’s message.


All vehicle wraps and lettering are cut from highly durable vinyl, which not only retains the brightness of colors and is installed with ease, but boasts significant protection. Whether there is rain or hail, extreme sunshine or dust, scratches or stains, our vinyl holds on until you decide to remove it. Then it peels off smoothly and leave the paintjob as good as new.


For those who have decided to turn their cars into their personal calling cards, then be sure to give Sign Center NYC a call at 646-661-1337!

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