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To survive in the harsh big city economic climate you need to take your show on the road and that means take it to a trade show. There is one rule to survive any trade show and that is to be the center of attention. Draw audiences your way with a booth and promotional signs that are masterpieces in their own right. Sign Center NYC is here to polish up your presentation style with eye-grabbing products.


Sign Center NYC has thought about every single aspect of your trade show presentation. From the actual booth to your banners and pop up fabric display, there is something for just about every occasion. Browse through the product categories and select what you need. Want it to look unique? No worries. Our designer tool helps you create a unique model that belongs only to you. It’s time to up the ante and stun attendees with visionary graphics.


Custom jobs are assigned in-house to our veteran designers who have worked in this field for the past two decades and have finished over 5000 projects. Designs are ready for production in just two days! Essential for businesses that work on a tight schedule. Worried how your signs, banners and booths will perform on the road? Don’t be! All designs are created in house, then assembled to make road-ready, sturdy and durable products.


Are you ready to take your business on the road? Then give Sign Center NYC a call at 646-661-1337 and we’ll give your presentation a fundamental make-over!

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