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  • Projection Signs for Storefronts in New York City, NY

Companies, businesses and venues, which rely on an outdoors sign to attract driving vehicles and passersby, need curved signs. This cost-effective aluminum sign announces your presence from afar and gets people’s attention, because nothing spells professionalism quite like a good old curved sign. You don’t just grab everyone’s attention. You’re building trust right from the get-go!


Sign Center NYC has completed more than 5000 projects in the twenty years in business and knows how to design and manufacture a curved sign that will define your company for years to come. Just browse our completed projects to see what we’re capable of. 


For custom jobs, you can turn to our veteran designers who in just two days turn your idea in a slick design that says everything about you as a company. These signs are excellent tools foroffices, schools, retail centers, municipalities, medical facilities and office parks to assert a brand new identity. Given their outdoors status, we create designs that can withstand anything thanks to the anti-vandalism outer shell that protects the graphics inside. You don’t have to worry about the weather, vandals or high impact damage.


Where the whole of New York changes and transforms, your sign will stand magnificent and impressive. Our production is left in the capable hands of the market-leading factories in the country, which operate with premium materials.


Are you ready for a sign worthy of your brand name? Then dial 646-661-1337.

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