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Posters remain the backbone of advertising and offline marketing. As oldest marketing tools, posters still retain their power to reach people and today, poster design has bridged out into being an art form in its own right. You have the versatility to craft a memorable message that touches thousands, spreads as viral content, promotes special events, products or sale and even serves as inter-organizational motivation.

Sign Center NYC has worked with organizations and business owners from all scales to design and manufacture posters that stand out and demand attention. You receive a fast turnaround as all design work is carried out within two days and undergoes quality printing. Whether you want a standard paper poster, glossy finish or laminated protection, we deliver a high aesthetic on high grade materials.


This service is suitable for those who seek to print an already existing graphic design and for those who want a design from scratch. Our design veterans have spent the last twenty years with their fingers on the big city’s art and marketing pulse to craft visuals that captivate your audience in a second.


You have access to three distinct design levels – basic, design and artistic, all created to fit in with budget restrictions. Projects of all design levels receive our full attention and your designs are sent to leading manufacturers, who have access to the newest digital printing technologies. In the end, you not only pay for forward-thinking design work, but enjoy posters that speak of affluence and success.


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