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  • Custom Lobby Wall Murals in New York City, NY

In New York, everyone competes against each other. Advertising, marketing and branding all happen on every surface imaginable and walls provide you with the space to create something really memorable and imaginable. Order wall murals from Sign Center NYC to give any wall a makeover so potent, people will stop in their tracks to pay better attention to what you have to say as a business.


Wall murals give you maximum coverage and act as a small investment with a big return in terms of publicity you receive. You can send us ready photos and design work for printing or you can commission a new graphic image altogether. Take a tour through our portfolio to see what we’ve accomplished in the last 22 years and thousands upon thousands projects we have completed. The service employs a three tier design system, where each level (basic, designed and artistic) caters to a budget of specific size.


The general turnaround for artwork is two days before printing commences. All projects go to leading factories in the country with the newest printing technologies to print wall murals in a variety of finishes – standard, matte or lightly textured. You receive a wall mural that much like a wall paper sticks effortlessly on your wall with its adhesive back and can be peeled off once it’s served its purpose.


Perfect to create a mood, promote an event or introduce a product, wall murals play a vital  role in how you brand yourself. Accomplish a truly design-forward look at the right price for you! To place your order or request a commission, please call us at 646-661-1337.

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