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Sign Center NYC gives you the perfect means to step up your business presentation with an indispensable tool that’s light on the budget and remains in your possession for years – the plexi sign! You’ve already gone down the plastic logo road and while that’s fine, you want to up the ante and impress with serious design capability.


Plexi signs are your answer. Stylish and up for smooth customization, a good plexi sign does wonders to impress and communicate just how professional you are. Eye-catching results are a given with us! You can easily mount your prints in front or behind glass for different effects but the heart of the service is its customization options.


Our design tool presents you with all available templates, sizes, fonts and designs. You need a few minutes to create your own unique plexi sign, price and order without having to call us at all. However, we work best with custom projects. You need a special design that has to catch everyone’s breath upon reveal. Our design veterans are on it!


Production has been entrusted to the leading manufacturers in the country and each plexi sign comes with the following qualities: impact resistance, weather resistance, high optical clarity, thermal and electrical insulation as well as chemical and corrosion resistance. In short, you can install them both indoors and in the harshest outdoors’ conditions. Once you order a plexi sign from Sign Center NYC, you won’t need to order any other sign. That’s how durable they are!


Are you ready to place your order? Have questions? Then we’ll be waiting. Dial 646-661-1337 and we’ll help you find the option best suited for your company.

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