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Are you a business owner with a new office or facility? Do you wonder how to accentuate the walls and create a corporate atmosphere? Do you want for visitors to know exactly in which HQ they have stepped in? Then you need the right lobby logo! With these easy to customize and manufacture logos, your business can establish its hold over its facilities and work on creating a stronger brand association right from the very start.


Sign Center NYC does lobby logos like no other. Whether it’s metal, plexi sign or wall lettering, there’s a design solution for your needs. Browse through our specialized logo design services and use the designer tool to mix and match all the characteristics that apply to you. Fill in the text in the font you want, determine the sign’s overall dimensions and what colors you want to see. Everything can be priced right then and there with our price calculator. The cherry on the top, however, is the online order feature! You can do all in the comfort of your office.


Custom jobs are assigned to our veteran design teams after you specify a budget by picking a level from our three distinct design tiers – basic, designed and artistic. The turnaround for a design from scratch is two days after which all designs go into production in the best factories in the country, which use the finest materials. You receive not only arresting designs, but also a quality that stands the test of time.


To place an order, please give Sign Center NYC a call at 646-661-1337!

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