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  • Interior Illuminated Signage in New York City, NY

The right light at the right angle can make your wares truly irresistible. In the City that Never Sleeps, being well-lit on the inside is crucial for businesses. Interior illuminated signs alert customers of brand new products, direct them to what they have come for to buy or just make browsing all the more easier. With Sign Center NYC, you find all the illuminated sign solutions in one handy place!


Sign Center NYC caters to every business and design aesthetic. You choose every aspect of your interior illuminated sign. We offer a choice between neon, LED or light box signs for different intensities and atmosphere. Our galleries offer you templates for you to choose from the shapes, sizes, colors and fonts that best represent your ideas for interior signage. You have a price calculator and online order option to simplify the process as well.


For those in need of a custom service, we promise a turnaround of two days for design work! You choose from our three design levels – basic, designed and artistic, that match with your budget’s size. All projects receive equal attention and are manufactured using only the best materials on the market. Our production is handled by celebrated factories with long-standing traditions in the country who assemble sturdy electric signs, which are energy-efficient and have long life spans.


For more information, please contact us at +1 646-661-1337 with your ideal design in mind. Sign Center NYC will turn it into reality. It’s time to bring the light inside your business and keep your customers happy while they shop!   


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