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In a city where every sign shines bright, it’s not about whether you shine at all but who shines the brightest. Sign Center NYC brings you the opportunity to sign your name in lights in no time and dazzle all who pass by. Illuminated signs have become accessible, cost-effective and a direct way to bring in new customers and patrons.


There’s nothing quite like bright, flashing colors to snag people’s attention and you can have your illuminated sign any way you like it. Light-box, EDS and neon – it doesn’t matter. We design and manufacture the brightest, most stylish and durable signs in New York. Rule your street with an iconic message that stands the test of time.


You have a choice between signs created specifically for indoor spaces and those who thrive in the great outdoors. Please browse through our completed projects to see what we can do for you. In the last twenty years, there’s nothing we haven’t worked and it shows. Send us your idea and in just two days, you’ll have the finished design for inspection. To make the service even easier, Sign Center NYC utilizes a three-level design system that creates custom-tailored designs for your individual budget.


Designs enter production immediately upon approval and manufacturing is carried out by the most well-respected factories in the country, so your sign not only shines brightly, but does so for years to come. The materials employed make for a durable exterior and the electrical work ensures a forgiving power bill at the end of the month. Nothing tops this power combination.


To order your illuminated sign, please dial 646-661-1337 now!

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