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  • Sidewalk Floor Graphics in New York City, NY

You’ve done it! You’ve conquered every vertical space with advertisements. Your banners hang from streets and buildings. Your walls carry logos, posters and murals. Vinyl decals line your windows. But in New York City, pushing the envelope is where it’s at and you have yet to conquer the sidewalks! Sign Center NYC can supply you with sidewalk graphics that will lead people straight to your front door.


Whether you want an additional touch to introduce yourself to passersby or push a promotion or another event, sidewalk graphics are the perfect tool to stand out. Although affordable and easy to install, few businesses employ this tool so you have the upper hand whenever you do apply this out in the field. Send us your ready design for printing or place in a commission for a full design from scratch.


Our three distinct design levels – basic, designed and artistic – are created to serve budgets of all sizes, so you never have to worry your commission has gone over budget. The general turnaround for all designs is two days, after which your approved graphics go into printing. We work closely with factories who have access to the latest printing technology and use a 3M adhesive vinyl – a non-slip, heavy duty material. This makes your graphics indestructible no matter the weather or traffic, but still easy to peel off once you’re done with them.


Are you ready to place your order? Then please dial 646-661-1337 and we’ll make sure your company name graces the pavements of NYC in style.

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