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Trade shows are the place where you need to show what you’re really capable of. Showcase the best you have and people will pay attention. New Yorkers love to be pleasantly surprised and projection banners have the greatest versatility of all trade show promotional materials. If you have a rich selection of products, services and special events, this banner is ready to present them all one by one.


Sign Center NYC has been working for companies and businesses who regularly attend the trade show circuits and we know what you need. Portable, cost-effective and customized projection banners with a short production time. Browse through our completed projects to see what we’ve achieved through the two decades in the business. Your empty banner is available in a variety of custom sizes for greater variation in the images you want to project.


You can set the dimensions yourself through our designer tool, use the price calculator to get a set price and order online. You can also commission the graphic work you want to project. Our design team has a turnaround of two days for all visuals, which incorporate your business values and personality along with stunning graphic imagery and saturated colors for when you want to woo the audience.


The banner itself is made from durable vinyl with extra protection against wear and tear – an increased resistance to wrinkles, scuff marks and stains. With its easy-to-install design and a durable metal frame, this portable projection manner is definition of travelling light for your next trade show.


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