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You want to catch the attention of New York? Then you need to go big. Bigger than you have ever gone before. Your marketing campaign has to be up to scale with the city itself and one way to conquer New York City’s streets is through large banners. Take the idea of the wall decal and exterior banners one idea further with Sign Center NYC’s custom made large banners meant for urban environments.


Sign Center NYC manufactures banners in all sizes and purposes. Over the two decades in the business, we have produced banners that hang from construction fencing, hang over the streets, cover whole sides of a building and drape over long poles. Whatever your idea for a large banner is, our design team is on it. Choose from the distinct three design levels (basic, designed or artistic) to always stay within budget and in just two days you’ll receive finished designs. Combining durable materials with cutting edge visuals is what we do best.


Speaking of durable materials, your banners are manufactured by the leaders in the country with vinyl composites that are meant to survive the harsh New England climate. For our large banners, wear, tear and weather are just words. They are that durable. Easy to hang and store, these are banners you can use and re-use multiple times throughout the years.


Are you ready to go really big with your next banner? Then go for the iconic with Sign Center NYC. Get in touch with us at 646-661-1337!

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