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New York City rewards flexibility and fast reaction time. Customers respond well to swift and eye-grabbing promotional materials that demand attention and are right to the point. Your best bet to tick all the boxes is to have a handy plasticade right near your front door. Cheerful and bright, the plasticade never fails to make an impression and Sign Center NYC has a rich collection of plasticades for every occasion.


What’s good about plasticades is that they allow for an infinite combination of shapes, sizes, colors and graphics for customization. Sign Center NYC has two decades of experience on its side and the portfolio the prove the thousands of projects completed for every business from shops and malls to cafés and offices. You have at your disposal a designer tool that gives you all the necessary templates to design your own unique plasticade. Get a direct price on the second and order online for maximum convenience.


For consultations on unique designs, you can contact our in-house design teams to discuss the perfect visual and dimensions for your sign. You can choose a simple poster or vinyl lettering and graphics. The turnaround for all projects remains within the span of two days before the finished image can be printed. You have a choice between three distinct design levels that fit budgets of all sizes – basic, designed and artistic!


Enjoy your plasticades just the way you want them! Bring some fun and cheer in your brand with Sign Center NYC’s services. Give us a call 646-661-1337 now!


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